[summer 2005]

sub show [we are all children in the arms of chivas]

jim o'rourke - thrones & dominions (remix of earth original)
sunn o))) - my wall
emperor - tongue of fire
therion - morbid reality
amorphis - against widows

1 [my execrable vanity is like that of the fabled cat who studied ornithology]

arnold dreyblatt and the orchestra of excited strings - high life
asva - fortune
birchville cat motel - speck fears
bj nilsen - nine ways til sunday
black boned angel - supereclipse iii
concentrick - track 8 [off of 'music for tunnels']
deathprod - orgone donor
johann johannson - part 1
lustmord - dog star descends

2 [make winter a driving song]

wolves in the throne room - hands pull you through purple
taake - hordaland doedskvad part v
tides - wash away
earthless - flower travelin' man
vermonster - black liquid slowly mummifies
hrsta - swallow's tail
comus - song to comus
the one ensemble of daniel padden - still flinging clowns
michael gira - 10:00
urfaust - trauerhoehle