[spring 2005]

1 [luciferum ruisse]

fripp & eno - evening star
f/i - a question for the somnambulist
boris - intro [from akuma no uta]
sunn o))) - ra at dusk
esoteric - allegiance
forty days longing - realm of confinement
dolorian - numb lava
morgul - the murdering mind
dark lunacy - forlorn
in extremo - herr mannelig
cruachan - cattle raid of cooley
the bothy band - farewell to erin
sileas - eppie morrie
mac-talla - eadaraibh a huinn o / domhnall dubh an domhnallaich / nighean rudh' bhan / meal de broghan / ciamar a ni mi an dannsa direach

2 [non cogitamus, ergo nihil sumus]

immortal - where light and dark don't differ
nargaroth - the gates of eternity
dissection - unhallowed
aborym - horrenda peccata christi
ondskapt - iii
furze - necrosaint black metal
sargeist - sargeist
zyklon - chaos deathcult
leviathan - scenic solitude and leprosy
apostasy - beauty of death
tormentor - elizabeth bathory
grabnelfuersten - schickselbrueder
potentiam - svart
belial - of servant of belial
watain - black salvation
draugar - laughing and bleeding
enslaved - return to yggdrasil
the meads of asphodel - pale dread hunger

3 [cave canem]

space machine - 06
re: - home security
total - tannery no. 1 14-1-96
double leopard - the fatal affront
burning star core - a brighter summer day
kinski - schedule for using pillows and beanbags
farflung - when i woke to sleep no more
circle - luikertelevat lahoavat
subarachnoid space - a
skullflower - blown dukes
f/i - an observation/the eye at the top of the pyramid

4 [a negative twist of nothing]

skepticism - aes
theregothon - elemental
corrupted - rato triste
the funeral orchestra - apocalyptic trance ritual
shape of despair - quiet these paintings are
black lodge - mortal
diSEMBOWELMENT - your prophetic throne of ivory
ataraxie - behind the mask
mala suerte - quest for light (the outsider)
pentagram - life blood

5 [shoes for industry! shoes for the dead!]

mark lanegan - where did you sleep last night?
the wipers - d7
mudhoney - a thousand forms of mind
the jesus lizard - monkey trick
sonic youth - total trash
alice in chains - bleed the freak
big black - kerosene
the melvins - at the stake
kyuss - mondo generator
electric wizard - son of nothing
godheadsilo - guardians of the threshhold
pelican - the drought
isis - ochre
tool - jimmy
the apes - aboard the ark
turbonegro - screwed and tattooed
spirit caravan - cosmic artifact
place of skulls - the fall

6 [live was i ere i saw evil]

godspeed you! black emperor - rockets fall on rocket falls
pelican - forecast for today
mogwai - mogwai fear satan
mono - a speeding car
explosions in the sky - with tired eyes, tired minds, tired souls, we slept
kinski - i wouldn't hurt a fly
bardo pond - walking stick man
cerberus shoal - myrrhh (reprise)
set fire to flames - omaha
thee silver mount zion memorial orchestra and tra-la-la band - god bless our dead marines

7 [his majesty, king mob]

therion - darkness eve
urgehal - invasion
katharsis - the chosen one
the meads of asphodel - my beautiful genocide
watain - life dethroned
sargeist - black fucking murder
necronomitron - night
cruachan - some say the devil is dead
asphyx - the rack
immolation - lost passion
mourning ends - easy to pray
velvet cacoon - p.s. nautical
godflesh - christbait rising
emperor - the tongue of fire
mare - palaces

8 [russia is our fatherland. death is inevitable.]

pharaoh overlord - komaron runner
charalambides - same old routine
bright - the spire will be your landmark
primordial undermind - bandhu (gospel according to)
gravitar - third track off of "freedom's just another word for never getting paid"
hash jar tempo - fourth track off of "well-oiled"
turing machine - synchronicity iii
overhang party - la fantome de la liberte
transpacific - fall river mills
up-tight - visions of key of a
bardo pond - affa
yeti - two fingers

9 [ai vis lo lop]

corvus corax - in taberna
corona borealis - canta paganus (n'aven tan dansa)
schelmish - ecce mundi gaudium
saltatio mortis - dessous le ponte de nantes
estampie - trotto
cornix maledictum - floret silva
corvus corax - ballade von jean, jaque, und nicolo
cultus ferox - sarah
varius coloribus - steinjung
cornix maledictum - confusio maledictum
van langen und des teufels lockvoegel - ai vis lo lop
psalteria - avrix mi galancia
in extremo - traubentritt
wolfenmond - ridderspranget
corvus corax - die klage
wolfenmond - quant de l'orient
ougenweide - totus floreo
estampie - sancte sator
corvus corax - ei beribach
freiburger spielleyt - saltarello
sarband - calvi calvi / rey don alonso
roland kroell - kanvoleis
poeta magica - son ar christre
ohrenpeyn - skudrinkanisch
ougenweide - wol mich der stunde
wolfenmond - herr mannelig

10 [they say 'peace, peace' and there is no peace]

gravitar - bludgeon
f/i - five crowns of the saxon king
yeti - strangled by light
major stars - phantom #1
magic hour - passing words
circle - teraskylpy
subarachnoid space - will you make my house a carnival
bardo pond - hit
mogwai - ratts of the capital

11 [homo loquax nonnumquam sapiens]

noothgrush - draize
my shameful - a saddened sunset
bethlehem - apocalyptic dance
novembers doom - amour of the harp
spiritus mortis - rise from hell
solitude aeturnus - it came upon one night
candlemass - a cry from the crypt
bongzilla - harvest
sleep - from beyond
grief - to serve and neglect
asva - kill the dog, tie them up, then take the money
sunn o))) - rule the divine (mysteria caelestis mugivi)

12 [floret silva, nobilis]

godspeed you! black emperor - blaise baily finnegan iii
thee silver mt. zion memorial orchestra and tra-la-la band - god bless our dead marines
isis - weight
explosions in the sky - with tired eyes, tired minds, tired souls, we slept
kinski - your lights are (out or) burning badly
mogwai - like herod (live BBC version)
jesu - walk on water
pelican - the woods

13 [a gramme is better than a damn]

sunn o))) - veils it white
yellow swans - untitled
birchville cat motel - buckling metal snowflakes
mouthus - throat
growing - firmament
tribes of neurot - proliferation
asva - zaum; beyondsense