[fall 2004]

1 [don't pay attention to the man behind the iron curtain]

the electric eels - as if i cared
simply saucer - illegal bodies
chrome - insect human
f/i - theme for an industrial western
f/i - zombies in the slave trade
f/i - pleasure centers/the beach
agata - air nozzles and echoes reset live
skullflower - argon ii (the golden saw)
wolf eyes - burned mind
dissecting table - rokudo (go to hell)
keiji haino & coa - where is this incomparable sensation?
draugar - donor is ash
behold the arctopus - you will be reincarnated as an imperial attack superturtle part i
mastodon - trainwreck
slogun - trust in me

2 [stirring dull roots with spring rain]

corvus corax - gaudelier
corvus corax - meie din leihter schin
lunasa - lafferty's/crock of gold/lady birr/abbey reel
eoin o'riabhaigh - tomgraney castle/spellan the fiddler
kevin burke - the strayaway child
eileen ivers - destitution
solas - the primrose lass
altan - bog an lochain strathspey/margaree reel/the humours of westport
matt molloy, paul brady, and tommy peoples - mulqueeney's/out in the ocean
the bothy band - the butterfly
the chieftans - the foxhunt
cruachan - cuchulain
primordial - cast to the pyre
bathory - blood and iron
forefather - a new dawn
1349 - singer of strange songs
finntroll - nattfodd
sigh - ready for the final war
tvangeste - thinking
corvus corax - vor vollen schuesseln

3 [do a dumb thing in a difficult way]

5ive - bicycle rider
morgul - the murdering mind
nokturnal mortum - in the fire of wooden churches
summoning - in hollow halls beneath the fells
quercus - nameless
solicide - the memory and the monolithe
sleep - from beyond
worship - worship
ondskapt - II
warhorse - wasteland
possessed - the exorcist

4 [on my way to a new tension headache]

cul de sac - nepenthe
boredoms - [two concentric circles]
f/i - full meddle eddie
burning star core - a brighter summer day
friends forever - pcp rock
burmese - corpse grinder
baroque bordello - branded as a fool
cerberus shoal - scaly beast vs. toy piano
panicsville - triangle, umbrella, & you
dissecting table - death march
godz - crusade
acid mothers temple - loved and confused
experimental dental school - kkkfc serves sparkily squirl meat

5 [gibbering like a fungal orange]

godspeed you! black emperor - 9-15-00 part i
godspeed you! black emperor - 9-15-00 part ii
neurosis - the doorway
sunn o))) - my wall
f/i - blue star
air conditioning - baby with a graphite soft spot / smooth branches
boredoms - seadrum

6 [electricity demons will perform evil rituals in that wire]

vocokesh - untitled #1 [from merge parlour split with f/i]
vocokesh - untitled #2
vocokesh - untitled #3
acid mothers temple - in c
tarantula hawk - paralyzation regeneration
keiji haino - 21st century hardy-guidey man track 1

7 [cha d'thuirt an dadan a'seo]

godspeed you! black emperor - bbf3
skullflower - saturn
angels in heavy syrup - fate
skullflower - dufus
pavementsaw - false
isis - altered course
mastodon - hearts alive
weakling - dead as dreams

8 [have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last?]

merzbow - quiet man
wolf eyes - let the smoke rise
wolf eyes - dead hills 1
wolf eyes - dead hills 2
wolf eyes - burn your house down
sunn o))) - o))) bow 1
boris - hama
bathory - shores in flames
in extremo - der rattenfaenger
adaro - winnenden
cornix maledictum - devil dance
eoin o'riabhaigh - lark on the strand / king of the pipers
the bothy band - the morning star
the bothy band - fionnghuala
sileas - puirt-a-beul
cliar - puirt-a-beul
elidh mackenzie - puirt-a-beul
sileas - planxty crockery / domhnall dobh
mac-talla - eadaraibh a hunn o / domhnall dubh an domhnallaich / nichean rudh' bhan / meal de broghan / ciamar a ni mi an dannsa direach

9 [bibit exul et ignotus]

note: at least one or two shows were cancelled during december, and the playlist for one show wasn't sent out, so the show numbering's a little off here.

10 [i hope you will be king someday]

kyuss - gardenia / astroid / mighty scoop & supa scoopa
green machine - 72% delay
old man gloom - mandied (self-reborn)
f/i - a question for the somnambulist
vocokesh - love theme from el topo
boy dirt car - the ghost shirt
yellow swans - neon war
oxbow - sorry
man man - man who make you sick
tribes of neurot - metamorphosis

11 [doom metal ABCs part i]

aarni - transcend humanity
bethlehem - dorn meiner allmacht
cathedral - serpent eve
dusk - paled
evoken - in pestilience, burning
forty days longing - blood of creation
goatsnake - raw curtains
hierophant - shades of aqueous essence
i drowned in a stream of mourn - emptying the drawer of repulsion
isis - in fiction
khanate - skin coat
long winter's stare - clawing out

12 [doom metal ABCs part ii]

grief - amorphous
noxagt - thurmaston
[and, resuming the doom metal abcs]
my shameful -the wind that burns all
november's doom - dark fields for brilliance
old man gloom - christmas eve parts i,ii,iii
poema arcanus - consummatum est
quercus - nameless
reverend bizarre - dunkelheit
skepticism - aether
theregothon - yet the watchers guard
unearthly trance - moonsmoke

13 [doom metal ABCs part iii]

void of silence - elemantal pain
worship - let there be doom
xasthur - murdered echoes of the mind
yob - all the children forgotten
zaraza - necessary
[thus ending the doom metal abcs]
william basinski - part two
deathprod - tron
fripp and eno - swastika girls
f/i - om twenty-one

14 [to make this trivial world sublime / take half a gramme of phaerothyme]

vocokesh - untitled 1-3
f/i - earthpipe
kinski - fell asleep on your lawn
space machine - 06
comets on fire - blue tomb
bardo pond - aldrin
lsd-march - suddenly, like flames
tsurubami - kujiru
acid mothers temple & kinski - it's nice to hear your voice