[summer 2004]

1 [cut myself on angel hair and baby's breath]

sutcliffe juegend - act scene 1: fear and anticipation
sigur ros - untitled #6
novy suet - begin/nada/fin
swans - money is flesh
factrix - splice of life
whitehouse - worthless
prurient - bolt
iran - re stage-surgeon
throbbing gristle - weep
aphex twin - untitled
merzbow - age of 369 part 1
earth - oroborous is broken
neurosis - lost
emperor - ensorcelled by rhaos
skullflower - celestial highway part iii

2 [sic transit gloria mundi]

eyehategod - zero nowhere
skinny puppy - the soul that creates
bass communion - ghosts on magnetic tape iii
skinny puppy - tin omen
mclusky - kkkitchens, what were you thinking?
corvus corax - satyricon
skinny puppy - god's gift
weakling - cut their brain and place fire therein
usurp synapse - this city's a grid
hearts of darkness - positive
i am spoonbender - clocks grow old
kites - call out your real name
boredoms - god from anal
queens of the stone age - better living through chemistry
grief - hurricane jello
antaeus - those with no eyes
wolf eyes - half animal, half insane
einstuerzende neubauten - selbst-portrait, mit kater
graveland - born for war

3 [powerful big rats, gentlemen]

spirit caravan - black flower
sammath - strijd
aeturnus - dark rage
astriaal - arborescence
agalloch - kneel to the cross
despond - stellar ways to the evening
esoteric - dissident
dolorian - a part of darkness
leviathan - the sinking
reverend bizarre - strange horizons
immortal - antarctica
bethlehem - die anarchische befrieung der augenzeugenreligion
neurosis - aeon

4 [the day i ate old bread]

sunn o))) - hell-o)))-ween
metalux - flexi-armadillo
aarni - the weird of vipuen
neurosis - children of the grave
grief - coma
institut - unto the last man
experimental dental school - tractor loves to shuck some cows
datach'i - merrily we roll along
get fucked - inside the 8lb dorm fire
fripp & eno - swastika girls
one mile north - evil architecture
black dice - treetops
necronomitron - large field of death
in extremo - rotes haar
eyehategod - masters of legalized confusion
sourvein - dirgewine
oneida - all arounder
dissecting table - unkamu dokoru (hell=heaven)

5 [fuck communism on the sofa]

quercus - awaken to peace
major stars - are we?
einstuerzende neubauten - kalte sterne
tribes of neurot - times of grace
trollmann av ildtoppberg - tolling beyond the tombs of ancient grimnity
grief - if the world was flat
within y - remains of a shattered illusion
borknagar - cyclus
thralldom - hypaethreal
mournful congregation - a slow march to the burial
scald - in the open sea
ghost - holy high
orbital - transient
experimental dental school - kkkfc serves sparkily squirrel meat
disco inferno - starbound: all burnt out and nowhere to go
burmese - killing an elephant
aphex twin - come to daddy (pappy mix)
pink & brown - sherriff jessum

6 [totentanz]

burmese - third untitled track off of white album
hair police - open body
atomsmasher - skullshot
wolf eyes - let the smoke rise
sunn o))) - decay2 (nihil's maw)
sabbat - charisma
sonic youth - silver panties
behold the arctopus - alcoholocaust
comets on fire - the bee and the cracking egg
st. vitus - i bleed black
neurosis - no river to take me home
nokturnul mortum - in the fire of wooden churches
potentiam - svart
5ive - soma
masonna - thirteenths untitled track off of frequency lsd

7 [roma delanda est]

godspeed you! black emperor - rockets fall on rocket falls
kid606 - retreat, the most familiar
leviathan - in this slaveship
tommy peoples - sunny brogan's favorite / the drunken landlady
eileen ivers - the noisy curlew / farewell to erin (live)
kevin burke - king of the faeries
eoin o'riabhaigh - the fox chase
danu - paddy rainey's jig / johnny leary's / winny hayes'
ewan maccoll - sheath and knife
f/i - nothing more than a hoax
eyehategod - blank
ataraxie - the other path
air conditioning - welcome to seaworld / championship rings
brian eno - baby's on fire
mogwai - year 200 non-compliant cardia
dna - blonde redhead

8 [a vote for don rickles is a vote for eternity!]

kyuss - apothecaries' weight
behemoth - sermon to the hypocrites
melvins - magic pig detective
dolorian - ekstasis
chrome - zombie warfare (can't let you down)
tribes of neurot - wolf lava
boredoms - 7777
fripp & eno - ankaa
can - vitaminn c
plastikman - gak remix
earth - tibetan quaaludes
wolfe tones - botany bay
planxty - junior crehan's favorite / corney is coming
the bothy band - sixteen come next sunday
flipper - i saw you shine
the new christs - khartoum
...and you will know us by the trail of dead - mistakes and regrets
the apes - three mages
wilco - radio cure

9 [bibit exul et ignotus]

the conet project - the swedish rhapsody (gza)
bass communion - ghosts on magnetic tape
f/i - zombie theme (instrumental)
dissecting table - zindofuiyoso
boredoms - super are you
flying luttenbachers - splurge
cul de sac - a voice through a cloud
forcefield - lord of the rings modulator track 4
thrones - ephraim
earth - peace in mississippi
pelican - forecast for today
5ive - orange
hierophant - from the dust of graves
leviathan - sardonicism

10 [i hope you will be king someday]

earth - oroborous is broken
chrome - in front of the crowd / i am the jaw
chrome - you can't see them, they can't touch you / inacontact / read only memory
f/i - main theme from y
boredoms - 7777777
keiji haino with boris - offer it all up, our madness, that will be crushed on this land
lsd-march - after the flames
the silver mt. zion memorial orchestra and tra-la-la band - sisters! brothers! small boats of fire are falling from the sky!
isis - false light
neurosis - left to wander
sunn o))) - death becomes you

11 [we made adequate yearly progress in 2004]

place of skulls - silver cord breaks
queens of the stone age - better living through chemistry
oneida - a wicked servant is a wicked man
flipper - shed no tears
melvins - vile
earth - coda maestroso in f(flat) minor
neurosis - a season in the sky
wipers - youth of america (alt. version)

12 [communism is good - give up!]

dark lunacy - stalingrad
morgul - she
dolorian - a part of darkness
winter - destiny
skepticism - aether
grief - beyond waste