1 [this little show went to market]

2 [this little show stayed home]

3 [this little show cried "wee wee wee" all the way home]

4 [ecce homo]

godspeed you! black emperor - antennas to heaven
the silver mt. zion memorial orchestra & tra-la-la band - sisters! brothers! small boats of fire are falling from the sky!
oneida - still remembering hidin' in the stones
ISIS - from sinking
juno reactor - badimo
orthrelm - low pressure storm system
liars - we fenced other gardens with the bones of our own
swallow the sun - through her silvery body
melvins - queen
acid mothers temple & the melting paraiso underground freak-out - you're still now near me
plastikman - psyk

5 [you are a casual-wear shirt made in america]

bloodyminded - as if
bloodyminded - a song for lisanne, a young model
bloodyminded - baby
skullflower - pixie dust
orphaned land - oceanland [the revelation]
grey wolves - anima christi ii
prurient - bolt
earth - lullaby [take 2: how dry i am]
parts & labour - autopilot
kites - the hidden family
control - elite
babylon whores - mother of serpents
[clip from logan's run with Box]
woods of bellial - halla
pain nail - pure love from the lord
until death overtakes me - never again
sickness - the abuse we do, pt. iv
arcturus - rodt og svart
tvangeste - angel's retreat
mindflayer - legiommomein & g flurry (legos)

6 [elektroshok for president]

noxagt - thurmaston
these arms are snakes - drinking from the necks of the ones you love
forefather - for these shores
children of bodom - you're better off dead
skullflower - barbed wire animal
big black - kerosene
nirvana - all apologies
the orb - a huge ever-growing pulsating brain that rules from the center of the ultraworld
in extremo - franzoesisch
opeth - when
orphaned land - whisper my name when you dream
solar quest - euphoric acid
mourning ends - hate to see you die
einstuerzende neubauten - selbstportrait mit kater
the icarus line - on the lash
axis of advance - structural interpretations via superfluous union
tear gas and plate glass - washing your footsteps
mindflayer - argamnimals

7 [is lost]

8 [in girum imus nocte et consumimur igni]

the orb - white river junction
dirty three - sue's last ride
cynicon - neutronomicon
the icarus line - kiss like lizards
parts & labor - mike burke for president
radiohead - street spirit (fade out)
pelican - forecast for toda
sirenia - euphoria
corvus corax - in taberna
noxagt - the hebbex
boris - feedbacker part 3
astarte - deep down the cosmos
black dice - the dream is going down
eris never died - view from the ground
mindrot - internal isolation
dusk - thy bitter woe
der blutharsch - vi

9 [is awol]

10 [complex skin information]

earth - teeth of lions rule the divine
khanate - no joy (remix)
skullflower - celestial highway i
sunn o))) - rabbit's revenge
isis - deconstructing towers
air conditioning - hell is a solid, heaven is a gas/re-entry/fractions of the man i used to be
wolf eyes - desert of glue, wretched hog
comets on fire - black poodle
melvins - youth of america

11 [bloody apron, leg of lamb]

jesus & mary chain - just like honey
weakling - no one can be called a man while he'll die
evoken - in graven image
swallow the sun - through her silvery body
behexen - celebration of christ's fall
sonic youth - satan is boring
grief - isolation
despond - once in the hole
avernus - bastard son of man
black lodge - dissonance
umbra nihil - determination
eyehategod - man is too ignorant to exist
novembers doom - chorus of jasmine
burmese - monkeys tear man to shreds

12 [greetings from the microwave]

corvus corax - hymnus apollyon
the apes - mr. changeling
bongzilla - gateway
datach'i - ed's head
adult. - hand to phone (cordless mix)
dissection - night's blood
behemoth - ceremony of shiva
burmese - fates are sealed
bad religion - all there is
acid mothers temple - atomic rotary grinding god
jr ewind - naked pavements
lightning bolt - 2 towers
the faux - anonymous id
mindrot - withersoul
pleasure forever - aeon flame
flogging molly - devil's dance floor
isis - swarm reigns down
drive like jehu - do you compute?
comets on fire - the unicorn

13 [eye surgery - concepts and problems]

nuclear winter - in the glare of nuclear sun
emperor - cosmic keys to my creation & times
earth - bureaucratic desire for revenge part 1
earth - bureaucratic desire for revenge part 2
acid mothers temple - in e
khanate - rotting sky
dissection - unhallowed
air conditioning - unravel your navel, it's mardi gras
skinny puppy - daddyuwarbash
noxagt - gravy and blood
operation cleansweep - house of his promise
sonic youth - pattern recognition
the apes - street warz
neurosis - times of grace [hah. yeah, laugh you fuckers.]
the velvet underground - here she comes now