[fall 2003]

1 [wmbr is five minutes from the middle east if you run]

oneida - every day is a child with teeth (liars cover)
dream theater - metropolis pt. 1
polysics - sunnymaster
the decemberists - odalisque
lightning bolt - forcefield
the slaves - oscularum infame
therion - helheim
soilent green - sewn mouth secrets
need new body - popfest
i am spoonbender - redial meant remember
semiautomatic - dawn of the glowbunnies
erase errata - retreat, the most familiar (kid 606 remix)
brainiac - nothing ever changes
pleasure forever - aeon flame
the icarus line - enemies in high places
the liars - mr. your on fire mr.
single frame - spacedust and handcuffs
adult. - people you can confuse
...and you will know us by the trail of dead - homage
morgul - cassandra's nightmare
mclusky - the world loves us and is our bitch
battlelore - sons of riddermark
sonic youth - total trash
the locust - flight of the wounded locust

every day is a darkdark child [guest show on darkdark radio]

smashing pumpkins - XYU
grandaddy - i'm on standby
godspeed you! black emperor - moya
blonde redhead - in particular
interpol - roland
guided by voices - everywhere with helicopter
sonic youth - schizophrenia
mouse on mars - argonaut
explosions in the sky - yasmin the light
broadcast - pendulum
the decemberists - the chimney sweep
do make say think - the end of music
enon - daughter in the house of fools
paradise lost - erased
the notwist - neon golden
switchblade symphony - dollhouse
apocalyptica - the unforgiven
broken social scene - anthems for a 14-year-old girl
orbital - much ado about nothing left
i am spoonbender - where do the words go?
mogwai - kids will be skeletons
single frame - spacedust and handcuffs [it's not a repeat if you play it on a different show]

2 [150% your usual dose]

godspeed you! black emperor - rockets fall on rocket falls [what happens when zoz asks me to do a show on short notice.]
blood brothers - march on, electric children
morgul - ragged little dolls
madder mortem - to kill and kill again
polysics - good
the prodigals - black-eyed gypsy
the wipers - youth of america
boredoms - (circle)
the mars volta - take the veil, cerpin taxt
blood brothers - siamese gun
comets on fire - days of vapors / back in the ussr
morgul - horror grandeur
liars - nothing is ever lost or can be lost my science friend
zyklon - electric current
tv on the radio - mr. grieves (pixies cover)
pleasure forever - rider's roost
cruachan - celtica (voice of the morrigan)
need new body - hotshot
brainiac - this little piggy
teenage jesus & the jerks - i wake up dreaming
paradise lost - eternal
the vaselines - jesus doesn't want me for a sunbeam
oneida - fantastic morgue
...and you will know us by the trail of dead - relative ways
lordi - devil is a loser
do make say think - 107 reasons why
high on fire - 10,000 years
the locust - late for a double date with a pile of atoms in the water closet
sargeist - panzergod
fugazi - the argument

3 [apparently there are people i don't know listening. wow.]

enon - native numb
mogwai - like herod
solitude aeturnus - days of prayer
neurosis - the time of the beasts
elders of zion - hymn for a new october war
butthole surfers - jingle of a dog's collar
cruachan - the children of lir
modest mouse - jesus christ was an only child
oneida - each one teach one
the decemberists - a cautionary song [amittai requested accordians...]
emperor - an elegy of icaros
polysics - making sense
burning brides - plastic empire
summoning - khazad dum
mindflayer - everyone dies (we won anyway) pt. 2
dark lunacy - stalingrad
neutral milk hotel - ghost
semiautomatic - this place does not exist
in extremo - der rattenfänger
the notwist - solitaire
pantheïst - envy us

4 [shervless show]

...and you will know us by the trail of dead - it was there that i saw you
in extremo - rotes haar
stark reality - sunday's song
lightning bolt - dracula mountain
agalloch - kneel to the cross
sonic youth - dirty boots
emperor - in the wordless chamber
neutral milk hotel - oh, comely
noxagt - pantyland
teenage jesus & the jerks - the closet
enon - rubber car
5ive - burning season
boards of canada - rue the whirl
blonde redhead - for the damaged
semiautomatic - marion barry
dark lunacy - dolls
broadcast - colour me in
blood brothers - burn, piano island, burn!
mclusky - collagen rock
forty days' longing - realm of confinement
neurosis - aeon

5 [in which we discover that the weird noise is rain on my skylight]

my dying bride - like gods of the sun
do make say think - auberge le mouton noir
lightning bolt - rotator
in extremo - palestinalied
lenore syndrome - systems will fail
the icarus line - love is happiness
the prophecy - till light enshrouds
boards of canada - dawn chorus
polysics - pike
cruachan - the middle kingdom
burning brides - arctic snow
the meads of asphodel - jihad: the grisly din of killing steel
factrix - snuff box
set fire to flames - steal compass / drive north / disappear
agalloch - of stone, wind, and pillor
the blood brothers - six nightmares at the pinball masquerade
mourning beloveth - the mountains are mine
liars - loose nuts on the velodrome
dark lunacy - december
pleasure forever - wicked shivering columbine
comets on fire - ghost of the cosmos

6 [i couldn't bear to be killed and eaten again]

set fire to flames - omaha
comets on fire - black poodle
morgul - healing the blind
sonic youth - confusion is next
noxagt - gravy & blood
hot snakes - XOX
unwound - one lick less
the kid eternal - the catalyst revolts!
pantheist - time
polysics - x-rays (this is my life)
slaves - name of a man
emperor - the loss and curse of revenance
queens of the stone age - i think i lost my headache
the meads of asphodel - bene ha elohim
therion - asgard
explosions in the sky - six days at the bottom of the ocean
skepticism - the falls
milligram - let's pretend we don't know each other
these arms are snakes - run it through the dog
hellfire - chargeur / the vanishing

7 [fcc regulations? we don't believe in them]

swans - a screw (holy money)
swans - raping a slave
i love you, but i have chosen darkness - we're still the weaker sex
kill me tomorrow - what's all these teeth about?
neurosis - times of grace
elders of zion - rubber bullet rock
sightings - wax doors
neutral milk hotel - song against sex
forty days longing - blood of creation
blood brothers - kiss of the octopus
cerberus shoal - a paranoid home companion (intermission)
oneida - rugaru
miss kittin & the hacker - frank sinatra
emperor - a fine day to die
teenage jesus & the jerks - orphans
kaospilot - akathisia
dissection - elizabeth bathori [tormentor cover]
the faint - the conductor
mindflayer - swallowed by the earth
solicide - royaume des ombres

8 [no one listens to this. oh well.]

the dillinger escape plan - 4th grade dropout
5ive - cerrado [slightly burned]
mary prankster - punk rock heaven
eileen ivers - march up fifth
drive like jehu - do you compute?
datach'i - -15
darkthrone - under a funeral moon
comets on fire - return to heaven
1 mile north - in 1983 he loved to fly
teeth of lions rule the divine - new pants & shirt
iran - four-armed star
kill me tomorrow - liason [jimmy lavue remix]
solas - the white petticoat / stan chapman / the miller's maggot
neil perry - shit blows up... it's so good
destroyer666 - the calling
boredoms - acid police
neurosis - raze the stray
cerberus shoal - omphalos
captian beefheart & his magic band - the blimp [mousetrapreplica]
jr ewing - naked pavements
swans - cold bed

9 [so much corn do i give!]

madder mortem - breaker of worlds
darkthrone - kaarthian life code
grandaddy - the crystal lake
mary prankster - sadie hawkins day
the liars - grown men don't fall into the river just like that
super madrigal brothers - past time
boredoms - (omega)
comets on fire - ESP
destroyer666 - cold steel
les savy fav - hide me from next february
cathedral - serpent eve
the planet the - uno violence
einstuerzende neubauten - morning dew
drive like jehu - here come the rome plows
detonation - an epic defiance
smog - vessel in vain
the liars - we live NE of compton
5ive - stockholm (blues)
arab on radar - running for asthma
grief - straight-edge, closed mind

10 [i sit on my front porch and smoke drugs for peace]

kyuss - 100 degrees / space cadet / demon cleaner
skepticism - the rising of the flames
modest mouse - tiny cities made of ashes
liars - there's always room on the broom
khanate - skin coat
agalloch - dead winter days
i am spoonbender - where do words go?
godspeed you! black emperor - dead flag blues
solicide - the memory and the monolithe
blood brothers - i know where the canaries and the crows go
places of skulls - dead
interpol - roland
despond - serenity in darkness
les savy fav - crawling can be beautiful
fall of empyrean - destructive light of dawn
milligram - nipplemountain clampdown

11 [hand to phone]

tvangeste - godless freedom
mogwai - mogwai fear satan
plastikman - disconnect
vesperian sorrow - shadowlord
the faint - agenda suicide
eileen ivers - gravelwalk
horresco referens - where sentiments live
modest mouse - i came as a rat
poema arcanus - the crawling mirrors
hot cross - lend me your brain (i'm building an idiot)
the libertines - up the bracket
5ive - nitinol
the notwist - pick up the phone
thor's hammer - dommedagsnatt
children of bodom - silent night, bodom night
wire - pink flag
set fire to flames - wild dogs of the thunderbolt...
add (n) to x - sound of accelerating concrete
in extremo - vollmond
flipper - ever
adult. - minors at nite (still sick)

12 [electric mindfuck]

earth - a bureaucratic desire for revenge, part 1
earth - a bureaucratic desire for revenge, part 2
oneida - turn it (up loud)
the klf - doctorin' the tardis
mindflayer - spit out by the earth
swans - money is flesh
mono - com(?)
mr. i. magination - "how does a cow make milk?"
khanate - dead
melt banana - free the bee
graveworm - losing my religion
polysics - plus chicker!
need new body - pen
iran - the moon shines bright
neurosis - end of the harvest
mr. i. magination - "what foods should we eat every day?"
boredoms - cory & the mandara suicide pyramid action or gas satori
electric eels - bunnies
sunn o))) - bow 1

13 [this is our punk rock]

earth - oroboborous is broken
institüt - dear sir or madame
operation cleansweep - light of the world
comets on fire - ghost of the cosmos
infected mushroom - converting vegetarians [it was inevitable]
dark lunacy - forlorn
hair police - flightless spines
kid606 - dropkick (tomgirl's gonna stick with it)
silver mt. zion memorial orchestra and tra-la-la band with choir - babylon was built on fire/starsnostars
dissecting table - least mean square algorithm for personality alteration
emperor - the burning shadows of silence
khanate - skin coat
evoken - in pestilience, burning
unwound - treachery
factrix - thin line

14 [heroin, be the death of me]

5ive - the haemophiliac dream
avernus - godlessness
chrome - armegeddon
sonic youth - freezerburn / now i wanna be your dog
winter - eternal frost I
neurosis & jarboe - seizure
wolf eyes - rotten tropics
swans - i wanna be your dog
nirvana - here she comes now
semiautomatic - wolfcentric
black lodge - tower inertia
operation cleansweep - white father
meanwhile, back in communist russia - now i am lifting
the velvet underground - all tomorrow's parties

15 [sherv show]

[list unknown]

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16 [lush]

dissecting table - human breeding market
jesus & mary chain - just like honey
thrones - manmtn
les savy fav - tragic monsters
the velvet underground - venus in furs
wolf eyes - dead hills
oneida - $50 tea
chrome - 3rd from the sun
swallow the sun - the morning never came
skullflower - can you feel it?
einsturzende neubauten - der tod ist ein dandy
grandaddy - he's simple, he's dumb, he's the pilot
khanate - no joy (remix)
antaeus - bleeding blasphemy
institut - traitors
falkenbach - ...where blood will soon be shed

17 [oh, i'm searching for my mainline]

oneida - caesar's column
godspeed you! black emperor - bbf3
swans - you're not real, girl
swans - real love
juno - french letter
dissecting table - dark side of life
avalanches - frontier psychiatrist
cruachan - the fianna
the apes - the village of brainbow and brainbo
arab on radar - pig roast
opeth - the drapery falls
graveland - to die in fight
air conditioning - heaven is a solid, hell is a gas / re-entry / fractions of the man i used to be
the klf - all you need is love
iran - the music plays itself
throes of dawn - the hermit

18 [feed the hungry bee]

avernus - anastasia
sightings - i feel like a porsche
nirvana - radio-friendly unit shifter
earth - geometry of murder
juno reactor - god is god
air conditioning - citizen's band/i'm in the mountains, i'll call you next week
sex pistols - god save the queen [karaoke version. take that, callers.]
clash - london calling
tvangeste - perkuno's flame
institut - struggle for life
anti-flag - you gotta die for your government
sonic youth - silver rocket
the funeral orchestra - church of the TFO (nocturnal lust)
chrome - heart beat
mary prankster - punk rock heaven [a repeat, just for jjwhat]
infected mushroom - deeply disturbed
opeth - circle of tyrants
summoning - lugburz
slaves - chemical priest

19 [120 household volts of jailbait]

kevin drumm - [untitled, track two on land of lurches]
reverend bizarre - dunkelheit
mars - n. n. end
whitehouse - mindphaser
shub niggurath - j'ai vu naguere
eris never died - sabbatian missile dropped into the reshimu for the destruction of qlippoth
skullflower - vanadis
zyklon - no name above the names
nightfist - chapter 3: herman spectre legacy v
theory of abstract light - self is taught (daemon)
operation cleansweep - house of his promise
bretwaldas of heathen doom - hillfort ghoul
unit - phyllis braineater 052 (the narcoleptic tryptich)
saturnus - christ goodbye
eyehategod - children of god
pain of salvation - black hills
pink & brown - so long, special treat
severed savior - blessed by the beast
mindflayer - gold lake spiller
neon hunk - nibblemaker