[nite-owl shows during the summer of 2003]


broken social scene - almost crimes (radio kills remix)
the mars volta - ambuletz
i am spoonbender - remover/installer
slaves - honeycomb communique
the apes - aboard the ark
blood brotehrs - kiss of the octopus
lightning bolt - ride the sky
5ive - nitinol
melvins - youth of america (wipers cover)
single frame - burn radio airtest
khanate - torching koriviev


the liars - loose nuts on the veladrome
sonic youth - (i got a) catholic block
pleasure forever - czarina
single frame - eavesdropper goes solo
lightning bolt - crown of storms
the liars - nothing is ever lost or can be lost my science friend
einsturzende neubauten - negativ nein
the mars volta - cicatriz esp
single frame ashtray - spacedust and handcuffs


adult. - paranoid vision
single frame - the new car smell
rash modernaire - the wick
pleasure forever - this is the zodiac speaking
the liars - pillars were hollow and filled with candy so we tore them down
therion - ginnungagap
lightning bolt - 13 monsters
explosions in the sky - a poor man's memory
erase errata - marathon (adult. remix)
in extremo - spielmannsfluch
i am spoonbender - i went and had my knives sharpened
neurosis - times of grace

4 [200% of your RDA of n00b]

pantheïst - o solitude
...and you will know us by the trail of dead - relative ways
dimmu borgir - allegiance
dream theater - pull me under
adult. - suck the air
boards of canada - 1969
dark tranquility - single part of two
sonic youth - shaking hell
boredoms - (circle)
broken social scene - anthems for a 17 year old girl
comets on fire- days of vapors / back in the ussr
kill me tomorrow - liason(2)
single frame - the slip
m83 - noise
fischerspooner - emerge (junkie xl remix)
mogwai - kids will be skeletons
summoning - khazad dum
pleasure forever - the white mare
datach'i - uma is dead
soilent green - build fear
the apes - village of brainbow and brainbo


mclusky - to hell with good intentions
gogogo airheart - when the flesh hits
pantheist - envy us
noxagt - mek it burn
adult. - nothing of the kind
mindflayer - head of state on a plate
oneida - all arounder
boredoms - super good
madder mortem - necropol lit
electric eels - anxiety
slaves - on your belly you shall crawl
soilent green - clockwork of innocence
the icarus line - feed a cat to your cobra

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